Online master class
15-16 of June 2021
Dear friends
There will be two days training about 4 hours per day. First day - theory of shooting. Second day - editing.The group is very comfortable about 4-7 persons.

The price of online workshop - 360 EUR.

This will be live lesson via skype, but I will record it. We will begin at 4.00 pm Moscow time. I will record our lessons, so you will able to watch them as many times as you want in the future.
Master class programme
Theory of shooting
A few words about the photographer. Why photographing in nature is a priority.
Photography as creative work
Beauty. Emotion. Color. Light.
What is most important?
Peculiarities of composition and photographing techniques
Peculiarities of composition and photographing techniques in creation of artistic photography: volume, air perspective, dynamics. Photo shot components.
Choice of locations
What is worth noting, tips and advice. Minimum post-processing. Ways to achieve it at photographing.
Working with natural light
Searching for, seeing and noticing "the perfect magic light"
Sun: enemy or helper?
Photographing on a sunny day in the right way.
Taming the frontlighting
How to made deep emotions photography.
Preparations for photographing
General concept, choice of relevant clothes and accessories.
Planning the photographing day
Organizing the work so as to have time to finish all that was conceived.
All about color
Making the photo colorful. Seeing the color any time of the year. Important tips for every stage of work.
Photographer's techniques
Camera settings, work modes, shooting options
These camera settings will help to avoid further problems at image processing.
Theory of processing
Work with Camera RAW software
Preliminary processing of photos.
Work with Photoshop software
Artistic processing of photos.
Full processing scheme, from selecting the series to getting the ready photos for printing and WEB:
• framing (proper framing, corrections, effects)
• several options for better contrasting
• work with blending modes
• work with skin colors (achieving a nice skin tone)
• work with color of images (clear, soft, noble, dense, rich, deep colors) . Color mixing
• skin retouching (big portraits, medium and long-distance shots), kid photo retouching
• tips for figure correction
• working with noises reflected in the image
• adding some volume
• photography and color. Creating a photo with the eyes of an artist
• toning the image
• achieving a crystal-clear sharpness of pictures, working out in detail
• other secrets and processing techniques
• work with extra filters and plug-ins
• preparation of photos for printing and size reduction for WEB
• actions
Master class price
360 EUR
The cost of participation in the master class
Plunge into the world of knowledge and inspiration
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